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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Capitalism not just Wall Street in question

The Hill's headline says that Wall Street is in the 2016 crosshairs.  Wall Street may be the symbol of capitalism, and what is the truer issue? The priority of any government is to ensure economic viability. If that fails, then resources are deficient in keeping a nation secure.

I wrote Sustainable Economics, America's Path Toward Economic Regeneration by James A. George and James A. Rodger (c) 2016 All Rights Reserved. The work was produced in anticipation that Americans and the world would soon realize that the deficiencies in or absence of sustainable economies are the principal cause of global insecurity that manifests in impoverishment, displaced populations, and terrorism.

Dr. John Ikerd researched and wrote extensively about the necessity to make capitalism sustainable. He did not reject the model completely, however, suggested radical surgery.

A cornerstone for course correction is the adoption of the renewable energy paradigm as the driver for a new economic model. I am not so certain that capitalism is worth rescuing per se. Protecting individualism and promoting policies that support invention and business creation are good ideas that must be developed around the balance among three dimensions:
  1. Economic responsibility
  2. Social responsibility
  3. Environmental responsibility
Ask presidential candidates what they believe about the necessity for a sustainable economy, and about what they believe is the current situation?

“Wall Street in 2016 crosshairs 
The right and left increasingly have one thing in common: neither wants to be seen as friendly to Wall Street.

Eight years since the financial crisis, big bank bashing remains very much en vogue in Washington.”


  1. What do presidential candidates think about sustainable economics?

  2. All 12 Chapters of Sustainable Economics, America's Path Toward Regeneration by James A. George and James A. Rodger (c) 2016 All Rights Reserved appear in this blog spot: