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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Insight into selecting an American President

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My good friends, Dr. Ralph Marinello and Dr. James A. Rodger and I have been discussing the Election 2016 cycle and topics that are inspired by blog and Facebook readers. It is extraordinary to have Ralph engage because he is a social scientist as James Rodger is an information technologist who is also trained in behavioral aspects of medical science.

Because not everyone follows the Facebook conversation thread, I am sharing a snippet here.

Ralph Marinello

"Americans tend to look at a change in a negative fashion. Change is supposed to indicate a blown gasket or a broken rod. The vehicle is unhinged, but this election cycle is quite unlike anything before now. That goes for both parties. First, one should reveal the identifiers, and then one needs to find the cause. Finally, one needs to predict the future.

In this election cycle, there is a realtor with bad hair, who has hijacked the Republican Party. Secondly, there is a Socialist Independent, who still has a shot at the candidacy. Neither should have a chance, but they do. Something has changed since 2008.

In fairness to the American people, I believe they are voting their heart for a change. They are tired of two things. On the Democratic side, they are tired of the influence pedaling in government from large corporations and other countries. On the Republican side, people are tired of shelling out endless subsidies to lost causes, and they are tired of being called ugly Americans. They simply yearn again for an America that's exceptional.

In the long run, it's interesting to look at Trump, because he shouldn't be the last man standing, but he is. Obviously, he is ill-prepared to be President, but so was Harry Truman. He might bring little to that position of power, but he'll surely be a wake up call for future candidates with more experience. Americans like to know that their President admires Americans.

Bernie brings not Socialism but honesty back into politics. He is Mr. Smith Goes to Washington! Americans admire a man, who will take on a giant. His run at the Presidency should be remembered for that aspect because Americans see that as exceptional, and Americans like exceptional. His ideas are secondary because they are mathematical impossibilities. People would love to believe the possibility, but they would hate the reality.

Hillary will be remembered as the last candidate to do things the old fashion way. She's the Kingfish reborn, but her style will not be seen again for a long time.

Interesting changes but nothing is unhinged except possibly the pundits."

James A George

"Your analysis is remarkably objective and insightful. It doesn't criticize the electorate, and it focuses on the aggregate behavior at hand. As important, it profiles the essence of very different candidates. The information helps complete the picture.

Not being a pundit, my focus is on improving the process through contributing to public education about how to select an American president. "Americans like exceptional" is an important factor to accommodate. What I am aiming for is to help define and analyze the meaning of exceptional in the context of characteristics and qualities that are most relevant to having the ability to perform in a superior manner with the least amount of risk to essential outcomes. Stated differently, what can be done to increase the assurance that a presidential candidate will optimally perform? In that vein, the challenge is to produce a system that is indeed, predictive. That is why my co-author, Dr. James A. Rodger is with me on this quest as he has command of analytical methods the make prediction possible.

Ralph Marinello

"I like the manner in which you process the new data. I believe that it's important not to belittle the voters on either side for their decisions. A Presidential election is not an IQ Test!

James A George

"Unfolding on Facebook is what I hope to carry to the blog and into the next book with Dr. Ralph Marinello joining future projects.

However, for the presidential candidates, an IQ test might be a part of the process."

Ralph Marinello

The American Presidents Team at Indiana University PA


  1. You're correct. Bernie is like Mr. Smith goes to Washington. Truly a man with strong social conviction and indelible integrity. By the standards that have been in place for the last 50 or so years he should not have come as far as he has. But my theory is that the power of Social Media has completely changed the playing ground. Prior, we were ruled by corporatized media sources that inevitably are in support of one party and/or candidate. But now, people can discuss freely and share information and happenings in real time. We can discuss without the control of the media and party agendas. It is a new day with open and free social access.

    Mind my words though. If Trump takes office, that freedom will be the first thing to go!

    Kelli Sincock

    1. Social media has done more to advance pluralistic democracy in the U.S. than either political party and most candidates. Like you and Ralph both indicate, like them or not, Sanders and Trump have stepped beyond politics as usual.