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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Losers Can't Win

Racists are losers and today's leader is Donald Trump. No, he is not alone. His outrageous campaign has culled American society, segregating between the civil and the disobedient, between the hateful and the victims, between intelligent and the ignorant or most ill-informed.

Proven is that racist bigots can find a home in different segments of society.  They can be in the party of Lincoln, at church, and even in the party of FDR.

Now, however, people had a choice to decide to compromise their integrity by rejecting racism and selecting better candidates. Instead, they permitted the Republican Party to embrace a political direction that is counterintuitive to Americanism. Racism is a brand that doesn't wear off. Senator Robert Byrd from West Virginia could not remove the tarnish. Neither can those who took a dip in integrity with Donald Trump.

You can't turn it around.

“hateful messages Republican leaders are trying so hard to disavow appeal to a large portion of the Republican base” republicans_us_57579f6be4b08f74f6c099b0
Republican Post-Civil Rights Racism - From a Whisper, to an Obama-induced Scream 05/24/2016 05:04 pm ET | Updated May 24, 2016 
Leonce Gaiter 

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  1. "KOCH SKEPTICAL OF TRUMP, REPS MEETING WITH CAMPAIGN - “Top officials within Charles Koch’s powerful policy network plan to meet with aides to presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, the industrialist told USA TODAY on Wednesday. The meeting comes at the request of the Trump team, Koch said...That doesn’t mean Koch, one of the biggest financial players in Republican politics, will endorse the brash billionaire or open his bank accounts to back his presidential bid. In a wide-ranging interview, he criticized Trump’s recent comments about the Mexican heritage of a federal judge overseeing a civil fraud case against his now-shuttered Trump University...’It’s either racist or it’s stereotyping,’ Koch said of Trump’s comments. ‘It’s unacceptable, and it’s taking the country in the wrong direction.’ Asked whether he thought Trump was fit to be president, Koch said: ‘I don’t know the answer to that.’Koch said it would require a major shift in tone and policy for him to back Trump.” [USA Today]"