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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Making the Republican Party viable

While the political headlines today are about the "Dump the Trump" effort aka "Anybody but Trump," the prerequisite concern ought to be about making the GOP a viable party again. It is most probable that the political party that is least divided internally will win the national election, even if the candidate isn't as desirable as constituents might want.

Recognizing the problem for what it is, that's the first step.

  1. The problem is that the GOP's party platform isn't aligned with a sufficient number of voters to win national elections.
  2. Second, the GOP's candidates' manifestos are not aligned with their political party's platform.
  3. Third, the GOP's mechanism for recruiting, nurturing, vetting, and fielding superior qualified candidates is most deficient.

A renegade has run away with the process and has stolen the Republican brand, only to tarnish it with hate and bigotry. All of the noise created by Donald Trump has drowned the sound and messages that constitute the second party that is essential to a bipartisan government.

“The Daily Trail: Why the latest plan to stop Trump in Cleveland is different
By Rebecca Sinderbrand June 17 at 9:54 PM 
Republican leaders thought they'd put the prospect of convention chaos behind them weeks ago. But in the GOP right now, the past isn't over. It isn't even past.
"Dozens of Republican convention delegates are hatching a new plan to block Donald Trump at this summer’s party meetings, in what has become the most organized effort so far to stop the businessman from becoming the GOP nominee," reported Ed O'Keefe. "...a growing group of anti-Trump delegates are convinced that enough like-minded Republicans will band together in the next month to change party rules and allow delegates to vote for whomever they want, regardless of who won state caucuses and primaries.” Image

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