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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ryan and McConnell fell for Trump

A headline from The Hill this morning reads:

"Ryan walks tightrope with volatile Trump,"

The GOP may be a high-wire or more like a trapeze act. If it were a high-wire act, Ryan has fallen from the rope many times. While swinging up there on the trapeze with Donald being the catch, Trump let the slippery Speaker of the House go on purpose. When Ryan finally got the message, Trump hung onto him for the moment before Ryan swung away again.

As for McConnell, he's just standing at the ready position. He has said that he supports the nominee that is Trump. McConnell enjoys being in the popcorn gallery as much as swinging with the best of them.

Maybe he believes that once Ryan and Trump fall from the heights of the circus tent, someone will say, "Hey, that's McConnell up there; maybe he can save us?"

Mitch McConnell (Credit: Reuters/Joshua Roberts)

1 comment:

  1. McConnell knows the GOP will lose the Senate, so he either will go to K-Street and become a lobbyist, or aim higher. Either way, it is all about Mitch.