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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Scoring Cory Booker

When one considers possible vice presidential candidates, the criteria is the same as suggested for evaluating presidential candidates. The vice president is the back up to the president and should be equal to or greater than the president regarding qualifications.

Why would a vice president candidate ever be more qualified than a presidential candidate? A presidential candidate may have widespread support while a more qualified vice presidential candidate may have less exposure. A self-confident presidential candidate may choose to mentor a replacement, helping the sponsoring political party to nurture a future incumbent.

Senator Cory Booker is rumored to be one of Hillary Clinton's possible vice presidential nominees. His resume shows that he is exceptionally intelligent and academically accomplished. He applied his talent to worthy causes in assisting persons in need of counseling and legal services.

He dedicated his life to becoming a professional politician. By the standards that I suggest in my book, How to Select an American President (c) 2016 All Rights Reserved, experience as a successful chief executive is important. Booker doesn't have that other than as having been a large city mayor. That experience surely counts as having been a government enterprise executive of a culturally diverse community. However, it is not the same as having been a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, for instance, nor is it the same as having been a state governor.

Being 47 years of age is not advantageous in the absence of other significant achievements that have had a positive impact on millions of Americans. Voters let Barack Obama slip by that requirement, and that is to his detriment and that of the country. Obama's lacking CEO experience shows in America's government and economic performance.

Hillary Clinton's experience as the senior executive of the U.S. State Department, combined with that of having been a U.S. Senator, First Lady, and more aims higher toward what Americans might expect.

Being a CEO of a private enterprise, such as Donald Trump, emphasizes that the type of enterprise also matters. Being CEO of a family-owned enterprise is different from being CEO of a diversified global manufacturing company for instance.

Cory Booker is far superior in academic accomplishments to Marco Rubio and comparable with that of Ted Cruz, however, none of these possible candidates measure up to what should be expected of a presidential or vice presidential candidate. They lack substantial experience.

Cory Booker
United States Senator from New Jersey
Assumed office October 31, 2013
Mayor of Newark, New Jersey
In office July 1, 2006 – October 31, 2013
Member of the Newark City Council from the Central Ward
In office July 1, 1998 – June 30, 2002
Personal details
Born    Cory Anthony Booker
April 27, 1969 (age 47)
Washington, D.C., U.S.
Political party    Democratic
Alma mater    Stanford University
Queen's College, Oxford
Yale Law School
Religion    Baptist

Credit: AP/Julio Cortez

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