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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Conspicoulously absent

While it is clear that the Republican Party is hostage to Donald Trump and a separate band of right-wing conservatives, the Democratic Party is in the same bad shape. What they have in common is brand erosion. That is, Republicans have lost the middle ground.

Democrats have a sharp edge among the creative left wing. However, they "manned it" with Bernie instead of Elizabeth Warren. Both are too old for the next move. The party is stuck with old-guard Hillary and all of her personal baggage.

Hillary needs African Americans and Latinos to win, as well as millennial voters. Where is the appeal?

Michelle and Barrack Obama have made an effort for Hillary. You can sense Michelle's heart is in it, but Barack is more passive. Where are those Latino leaders who were present early in the campaign?

Joaquin and Julian Castro could have made a big difference. Where did they go? They stayed home because Hillary left them on the curb.

Where is Lujan Grisham, US Representative from New Mexico and Leticia Van de Putte from Texas?

The real trouble is that most of the up and coming Latinos are Republicans and not Democrats.

Where is Oprah? She is protecting her nest egg and reputation.

Can't leave anyone behind

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