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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Failed Parties and the Flawed Political System

News today is that Democratic Party members and leadership blame one another for their loss to Donald Trump. It could just as well have been about the Republican's loss to Democrats, yet it wasn't.

Clinton won the popular vote. Trump won the electorate. Republicans gained complete control of Congress and control of communities across the nation at the local level. The latter fact underscores that the Republicans may well have secured a mandate, even as Trump did not win the popularity.

The facts are that Democrats lost local elections which are the trench warfare. Success begins in a Democratic, pluralistic republic by winning hearts and minds locally.

Most communities in America are corporations which are staffed and managed by a combination of elected officials and professional managers with citizen oversight.

If one wants to improve the American system of government, it begins by how local citizens select and elect their leadership. The basic tasks fall on citizens:

1. Know your government organization, how it is structured and the work to be performed.

2. Know the job tasks of officials in government positions.

3. Know and understand the skill, knowledge, and experience necessary for elected officials to be successful in attending to the citizens' needs.

Independent from political party affiliation, do candidates and incumbents have the requisite resumes for their offices?

The next question is how do political parties recruit and nurture superior candidates for public office?

Montgomery, Ohio

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  1. I have to say that my home community in Montgomery Village, Ohio is tightly managed and well represented.