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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Afraid to Watch

Donald Trump, President, and Commander in Chief is embarking on a journey this week, meeting with Vladimir Putin. They might discuss the Syrian, Ukranian, and North Korean situations among other things. Unlike his usual blabbing, Trump claims to have no announced agenda. That is concerning.

Life in the USA with a Trump Presidency is filled with risk and uncertainty. When it spills into the marketplace and shakes Wall Street, then the powers to be might act to curtail or curb his behavior.

The Deep State is already at work. Guess what; they belong to We the People as our instruments and last line of defense.

The Perils of Trump’s Meeting With Putin 
The G20 summit starts Thursday in Germany, where world leaders are certain to discuss North Korea, Syria, Islamic State and global terrorism. But the most highly anticipated talks of President Trump’s tenure will be when he meets face to face with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday, while allegations of collusion remain at the center of a criminal investigation in Washington. Putin is known to prepare meticulously for such meetings. U.S. officials say they’ve prepared a thick binder for Trump, along with a list of tweet-length blurbs that summarize the main points. But senior aides have been mum on what the two leaders will discuss. 
LA Times email

President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. (European Pressphoto Agency)

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