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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Remove and Replace this Government

The American government has been hijacked by an illegitimate President and all who are appointed by and go along with him.

My critics challenge by asking for evidence and proof. Many join those who are obstructing and impeding the investigation making them conspirators.

The Special Prosecutor is gathering the evidence to make the case. What the public has witnessed is more than circumstantial.

  • A single lie by the President as a Federal Government Official is a crime.

  • Conflicts of interest are violations of the Emolument Clause of the US Constitution.

  • Trump's handling of the Michael Flynn affair was Misprision of Fraud.

  • Trump's slanderous lies against the former President Obama is a crime and prosecutable.

The Republican Party's failing to vet their candidate and covering up apparent collusion with Russians in interfering with Election 2016 is treason. Mark the evidence including Trump's public declaration of support for Russian's leaking and interference.

We the People have heard and seen enough. The rule of law and due process takes time. The way ahead is clear. This regime must go.

On this Fourth of July, I am a patriot with my head lowered in shame by the State of the Union.

Sad America


  1. A well-known Republican operative who asserted he was working for Trump campaign adviser Michael Flynn was actively seeking hacker help in obtaining private emails from Hillary Clinton's server, and intelligence agencies had intercepted discussions from Russian hackers at how to provide such help and transmit it back to Michael Flynn and his operatives.

    This was immediately followed by a United Kingdom cybersecurity expert coming forward to confirm that he, personally, had been recruited by the operative, Peter Smith to help "validate" copies of "emails from Secretary Clinton's private server" that an unnamed source was offering to provide Smith.

    This was not another data dump of documents from the DNC being disseminated through WikiLeaks; this was an effort to obtain information from Clinton's own email server, and came immediately on the heels of candidate Donald Trump publicly calling on Russian hackers to "find" those emails during what would be the last press conference of his entire campaign. Smith appeared to have a deep knowledge of internal campaign deliberations, Smith appeared to have a "reckless lack of interest" in whether or not he was working with the Russian's own hacking efforts, and the documents Smith provided to the expert outlining who would be managing the "research" included not just Flynn, but top campaign officials Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway.


  2. GOP Insider Brief

    Even Talk Host Savage Says Trump Should Stop

    On his radio show Friday, Michael Savage addressed his Thursday tweet that President Donald Trump’s “bitter Twitter needs to stop.”

    “I know many of you believe that he’s getting even with the vermin in the media, and he is, but that is the problem — he should not be focused on these losers,” Savage said as he opened his "Savage Nation" show Friday.

    GOP Brief