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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Trump Insurgency, No Laughing Matter

Donald Trump, America's unfit and illegitimate president, continues his predictable behavior of unabated and inappropriate tweeting. 

The fact is that his "unwitting" team members are well on their way to prosecution, where some have already entered guilty pleas of severe crimes that undermined the credibility of the Trump government.

A president's priority is staffing the executive branch with qualified persons for which he has failed miserably. Is it fair to ask about his motivation?

His theme was "drain the swamp." That bumper sticker was a declaration of intent to attack the government institution. He appointed department heads who were hostile to the organizations over which they would "lead." Either the Trump leadership would attack them with purposeful intent or by incompetent neglect. The evidence is clear, and the outcome is chaos.

Chaos is what the Russians wanted, and Trump delivered. He has a conflict of interest; I allege because in his business dealings there lies the evidence that will prove it.

Donald Trump and all who go along are part of the unwitting insurgency perpetrated by Republicans to achieve outcomes that favor them which they could not accomplish without cheating and corruption.

'They are laughing their asses off in Moscow': Trump takes on the FBI, Russia probe and 2016 election in morning tweetstorm 
President Trump questioned the intensifying special counsel's investigation of his campaign and administration while attacking his own national security adviser, the FBI, Hillary Clinton, former president Barack Obama, Democrats in Congress, CNN and others in a remarkable nine-hour span of tweets that included profanity and misspellings.
In a series of tweets, the president suggested that the FBI investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election was helping Russia “create discord, disruption and chaos within the U.S.,” adding that “they are laughing their asses off in Moscow.” 
The Washington Post email

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Saturday, February 17, 2018

President 'Unwitting'

I can see Russia from here, right here in The White House. It is called a gross conflict of interest. President Trump won the election with help from the Russians, and that delegitimizes his ascent. The conflicted path is why he denounced the CIA and FBI evidence that Russians interfered.

The story is likely to get much worse because we know from public evidence that Donald Trump verbally encouraged the Russians. We know that his campaign staff members participated in a conspiracy to collude with them. For instance, Don Jr. and Jared Kushner meeting with known Russian operatives to gain information to hurt Hillary Clinton. Their intention was clear. If any financial transactions happened to pay for assistance via money laundering, that would be collusion and a felony.

Meanwhile, a mountain of evidence of apparent conflict lies among Trump's senior campaign staff including Paul Manafort who is under house arrest. Mike Flynn has pleaded guilty as have others.

It is evident that Kellyanne Conway is a probable unwitting participant and the dimwit, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has recused and had to correct his statements about meeting with Russians.

It takes a Special Prosecutor to dig deep beneath the surface to follow the money. The prosecutor is learning much more from the likes of Steve Bannon who was an eyewitness.

Who are not so unwitting? The majority of American voters who did not vote and elect Donald Trump deserve and demand a do-over.

I can see Russia from here.

In Russia We Trust, Donald Trump

The Republican-led Congress passed legislation to impose sanctions on Russia as retaliation for attacking our sovereign elections. Trump refused to enact them because the Russians have him over a barrel and he is conflicted.

At a minimum, he should recuse himself and let Vice President Pence take over. The trouble is that Pence was hand-picked by Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager, who was a Russian puppet. You see, everyone who went along with Donald Trump fell into the “unwitting” bucket of putting themselves ahead of our democratic republic.

For all of that, I call on all politicians who have gone along with Donald Trump to resign from office or face impeachment or worse as the path to treason becomes more apparent.
“Republicans are acting as partisans, and they are worried about the upcoming elections, but they are also wary of Trump’s supporters, and they hope to preserve their agenda by doing as much as they can to protect the president from any serious fallout. After ceding control of the Republican Party to Trump, and investing themselves in the success of his presidency, Republican lawmakers may be in too deep to extricate themselves. 
 None of this is exculpatory. The president of the United States is unfit for the job and perhaps unable to carry out its duties. And the GOP, at this stage, doesn’t want to do anything about it. Republicans aren’t just gambling with their prospects. They’re wagering the security and well-being of the country.”

On the Road to Treason

Friday, February 16, 2018

Trump's "Unsaid" Speaks Volumes

The initial indictment and findings by the Special Prosecutor allege Russian meddling in the US elections with intent to support Donald Trump. Right, is that the Russian attack was planned and initiated before Trump declared his candidacy.

Correct, the indictment and finding say that some Trump campaign associates and other Americans may have been "unwitting" participants. One of those is most likely Kellyanne Conway, Trump's campaign manager.

Trump immediately declared "no collusion" and his innocence. Hold on; this is step one. The prosecutor has proven the initial charges, though an abundance of evidence and additional charges come as a result.

Drop the first shoe. We already know about other indictments and guilty pleas from Trump campaign associates. There is much more to come as the noose tightens. The fat lady isn't singing yet.

"Trump: New Mueller indictments show campaign 'did nothing wrong' 
President Trump on Friday declared that a new round of indictments in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation show his campaign “did nothing wrong” and prove there was 'no collusion' with Russia. 
'Russia started their anti-US campaign in 2014, long before I announced that I would run for president,' Trump tweeted. 'The results of the election were not impacted. The Trump campaign did nothing wrong - no collusion!'" 
The Hill

I haven't finished.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Two-Faced Twisted Trump

Here are the facts about Donald Trump and guns. First, he repealed rules that Obama issued to ensure that mentally disturbed people could not get guns. Now, he promises some action, just like the Republican Congressed promised thousands of deaths later. There is no believing the pathological liar and the Congress that he owns.

No, don’t believe it. Demand that your Congressional Representatives take down the Second Amendment. Disarm guns as that is the only way ahead in a civil society.
“Trump repealed rule to block mentally ill people from buying guns
By Bob Fredericks February 15, 2018 | 12:41pm 
 President Trump tweeted Thursday that Americans need to be more vigilant about people with mental illness to prevent school shootings — but a year ago this month he revoked an Obama-era rule that would have blocked some mentally ill people from buying guns. 
 ‘So many signs that the Florida shooter was mentally disturbed, even expelled from school for bad and erratic behavior. Neighbors and classmates knew he was a big problem. Must always report such instances to authorities, again and again!’ the president wrote. 
 But Trump, at the urging of the National Rifle Association, quashed a policy that would have forced Social Security officials to report records of some mentally ill people getting benefits to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System, NPR reported at the time.”
“Trump: Making schools safer is 'top priority' after Florida shooting
BY JORDAN FABIAN - 02/15/18 11:34 AM EST

President Trump on Thursday said he is ‘making plans’ to visit the Florida high school where a mass shooting took place as he delivered a statement to the nation on the attack. 
 “We are all joined together as one American family, and your suffering is our burden also,” Trump said from the Diplomatic Room of the White House. “No child, no teacher should ever be in danger in an American school.”

Blowing Smoke Again