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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Throw Out the Morals

The deplorable rule now. The Republican Party has embraced immorality and illegality on many fronts. The President of the United States is illegitimate. The party the elected him are insurrectionists. Democracy in America is going down, and the popular majority is too quiet in their protests.

Republicans are so ideologically committed to greed, racism, and bigotry that they will embrace a child molester for the Senate. They accept a misogynist as their President.

Will they stop and change course when the Special Prosecutor makes the case that this President and regime, including Congressional leadership, are traitors?

As it stands, there is only one legitimate American political party, and that is the Democratic Party.

Image: The Daily Beast

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Trump Cases - Before and After Inauguration

Here is a call to all lawyers to help a citizen sort the matter of prosecuting Donald Trump if the evidence warrants.

There are two situations:

1. Candidate Trump's involvement in coordinating, conspiring and colluding with Russians interfering in American elections.

2. President Trump's actions to impede the investigation by obstructing justice.

If it is proven that the Trump campaign violated laws and regulations governing Amercian elections and the political system, then his legitimacy as President is in question.

If he is not the legitimate President, then none of his administration is legitimate. The executive branch is null and void.

If members of Congress participated in obstructing justice and the investigative process, then they would also be subjects for impeachment.

Since the Vice President is a member of the Trump campaign and is apparently conficted by his association with Paul Manafort and Donald Trump, he would be unable to serve as President.

The discussion about the President being immune from prosecution for obstructing justice might be a consideration only if it is determined that his actions as a candidate were legal and that his subsequent incumbency is legitimate.

The focus now should be on the candidate's actions. Second, a President must not have business conflicts with his serving. To determine that requires scouring his financial records. That has not been resolved and is now a part of the Special Prosecutor's examination.

Talk about pardoning, and that of immunity from being charged with obstructing justice has the cart way ahead of the horses.

I am not a lawyer, just a citizen for which ignorance of the law is without excuse.

"Trump's lawyer sparks intense debate on obstruction of justice
President Trump’s personal lawyer kicked off a fiery debate on Monday with one controversial statement: The president cannot be guilty of obstruction of justice. 
The assertion comes in the wake of a presidential tweet, which legal analysts dubbed anywhere from “cataclysmic” to “a non-story,” that raised questions about whether Trump has put himself in legal peril in the federal investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election."

Deplorable of the Year
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Monday, December 4, 2017

Trump Is Steamrolling America

The immoral and illegitimate President is rolling over 62% of Americans who oppose him and the Republican-led Congress.

He endorsed a pedophile child molester, and Alabamans appear to be going along, as is the evangelical Congress. Religion and morals under God don't matter. What does?

The rule of law matters and so do We the People. I am resisting. How about you?

Worse Than Trump

American citizens might wonder what can be worse than a reckless and irresponsible misogynist racist President? The answer is a Republican-led Congress that continues to permit him to get away with it.

Is there not one ounce of patriotic allegiance to the nation in the batch of red-colored rightists?

The President attacks all of our sacred institutions while aligning with the Russians who helped elect him. 25 % of the nation's deplorable go along with that.

"Trump Slams FBI on Twitter 
President Trump launches an online tirade against the US Federal Bureau of Investigation and accuses its former director of lying."

Lock Them Up

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Conspicuously Absent

Has anyone noticed that there has been no mention of Trump's tax returns of late? One thing that the Special Prosecutor didn't have to request is the Trump tax returns because he already has them. The IRS has been working them over for over a year.

Therein lie the money trail and the story that might explain Trump's approach with the Russians.

My theory is that the Russians helped bail him out of his financial calamity when his businesses were going bankrupt. That's when he became conflicted and indebted to the Russians.

He became their instrument. He made promises as he had to do to conceal his problems and exposure.

Believing in his superior savvy, he figured that with the help of his family, he would manage the situation mob-style.

That didn't work.

My critics will ask me for proof. I am postulating possible explanations for Trump's radical behavior. Let the facts accumulate as they are. I am a predictor.

(Evan Vucci/Associated Press)

Friday, December 1, 2017

The Fake President

"There is nothing fake about pleading guilty." Carl Bernstein/CNN

Donald Trump rode to The White House on an unscrupulous campaign and with themes that brought out the worst in American voters. Unapologetically, they are deplorable.

"Making America Great Again" is a fraudulent slogan because the nation and its people under the rule of law are solid assets.

Political parties failed the citizens by promoting flawed candidates. The US Congress failed Americans by permitting corporatists and wealthy persons to multiply their votes with dollars. That undermined the principle of equality.

I confronted Mitch McConnell with that problem at a new event in 2016 at which he replied that the law must be changed to ensure one person means one vote. If corporations are persons too, then they should not be able to expand their influence through campaign contributions. He didn't say that I did.

The issue today is that President Trump repeatedly said his campaign individuals had nothing to do with conspiring, coordinating, or colluding with Russians in the interference of the Election 2016.  That is a lie as evidenced by Paul Manafort, George Popadopolous, Richard Gates, Michael Flynn, Jerred Kurshner, Jeff Sessions, and Mike Pence among others.

Guilty pleas and prosecutions are before us as evidence to the contrary.

President Trump has committed impeachable offenses. The US Congress is obstructing justice by failing to hold the President and administration accountable.

"There’s a narcissistic fraud in the White House. An angry, hollow, vindictive man is running the country. What bottomless emotional need does he have for acclaim? It is hard to know where his rampant narcissism ends and serious mental problems ensue. He lies prodigiously and for no reason except he obviously has an unclear vision of what the truth is." 
Barbara Streisand


Year End Report

The year 2017, I wrote 867 blog articles under "How to Select an American President." The initiative is mine as an author and independent journalist. It is intended to inspire voters, political parties, and elected officials to improve the qualifications and evaluation process for candidates for public office.

I published two books:

How to Select an American President by James A. George and James A. Rodger (c) 2017 Archway Publishing Division of Simon & Schuster.

Regenerating America with Sustainable Economics by James A. George and James A. Rodger (c) 2017 Archway Publishing Division of Simon & Schuster.

If American voter-citizens read these books, it will create a community that can make a difference in improving the American Political System and economic model for the future.

If they don't, by the time the population reaches the same understanding that I am offering, it will be too late to save the nation.

Both political parties need to consume these books and to debate their contents. That is my hope, and with readers like you, we can advance the books to The New York Times Best Seller List to build the community as envisioned.

Thank you for reading and please ask questions and offer debate as you feel it is needed.

James A. George