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Monday, September 26, 2016

Trump sniffles, Clinton soars

If Clinton and Trump sat side by side out of the context of politics, they might agree with most of the trouble symptoms. They could even agree with many of the problem definitions. When it gets to solutions, they are as much a part as trickle down or infuse the middle.

Clinton soared in the first debate because she was prepared and knowledgeable. Trump appeared to be unprepared and much less knowledgeable. She is eloquent, and he repeats himself like a nervous tick.

Clinton's attack on Trump's tax filing, "He's hiding something," was quite useful. So was her saying that "He lives in his own reality."

Trump took a shot at Hillary's missing emails. She answered and the subject was dropped. Blame that on Lester Holt, the moderator?

Trump attempted to tar Clinton with 10-30 years of past bad policy that he alleged resulted in an enormous debt problem. He is correct that it is an enormous problem, but he undermined credibility by pinning it all on Clinton. In fact, she retorted that her husband had solved the problem once and that Republicans spoiled the results.

All in all, Clinton appeared fit and competent. Trump may have had a cold, and was inarticulate and redundant.

When it came to fielding questions about race and gender, Trump dropped the ball, or worse, as if it didn't matter because he didn't need those voters?

In a short debate format, such as this, voters can learn something about the character and abilities of candidates to communicate on their feet in an unscripted venue. Clinton won this one.

Better still, if you want to know the details, go to their websites, or read Clinton's book because she published her plans. Voters are still waiting to see Trump's tax returns.

Screen capture from CNN

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