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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Republicans failed to vet Trump

Bristle all that you want, but the GOP failed Americans as a political party. I am presenting the entire case in a new book next year. It will include an indictment of both leading American political parties because they perform without a standard. Their members and constituents at large have not audited their processes nor the results. 

Vetting of American political candidates is done by the people and their party organizations from the grass roots upward. However, that process is grossly corrupted by the influence of top-down oligarchs and big money.

Donald Trump is an instance in which his resume and background were not fully vetted. He stole the show by sidestepping the process in the name of independence. Being aligned with a well-defined political party platform should be a requirement for bearing the party name. Trump's allegiance to the party and to the nation is in question.

"Republicans bristle at notion they failed to vet Trump 
By Jonathan Swan - 10/18/16 03:48 PM EDT."

The Northwest Daily Marker

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