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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Americans Can't Believe It's Government

The Republican Party served up this news item to me today via email. They are crazy.

Several tribes in America may be on the verge of sectarian eruption. It could get violent because the President and Congress are undermining the rule of law and failing to uphold the Constitution.

  • Right-wing conservatives including evangelicals, misogynists, and corporatists
  • Moderate Republicans, a vanishing tribe
  • Moderate Democrats, a vanishing tribe
  • Left-wing Liberals, a populist group with a propensity to grow

Charges are under investigation by a Special Prosecutor that is addressing apparent intrusion by Russians into the American Political System. Allegations are that members of the Republican Party and the Trump Campaign broke laws and committed conspiracy toward colluding with the Russians.

The Democratic Party appears to be mounting a more organized resistance with efforts to file impeachment charges and to take abuses before the courts.

Meanwhile, the Republican Congress is attempting to ram legislation forward that will pay-off their corporate and wealthy constituents with a tax plan. It is base on the same theory used by Ronald Reagan that turned out to be false and failed.

Multiple economic evaluators say that the plan will favor the rich and bite the middle class and poor. That is apparent to anyone who can read the idea that has been a secret.

Americans must resist and revolt against the legislation that will harm the nation.

Citizens must back initiatives to prosecute the members of the Executive and Legislative branches who are obstructing justice.

"Breaking News From GOP Insider Brief 
A White House official issued a harsh criticism of Congress' nonpartisan group of tax experts Friday, calling a recent analysis from the outfit "incredibly misleading" and "dishonest," reports the Washington Examiner. "There’s probably been no more dishonest or misleading study than that one that came out yesterday,” said Marc Short, the White House director of legislative affairs. He was referring to an analysis from the Joint Committee on Taxation published Thursday that found that the Senate GOP tax bill would raise the taxes of some middle-income groups. Short was asked about the analysis on CNN."


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Republicans are US Enemy #1

One of the two political parties in the US is on the record with a platform that is opposed to the Middle Class and Poor. If citizens cared to read it, there are no surprises.

If someone told you that your elected officials have no interest in providing affordable healthcare for all Americans of equal quality, what do you think?

If they said, "We're going to leave 30 million Americans without, and we don't care because we don't want to pay for it?" What do you think?

Do you believe that elected officials of that callous ilk will do anything to care for you?

"SENATE REPUBLICANS JUST THREW AN OBAMACARE BOMBSHELL INTO THE TAX DEBATE "Republicans in the U.S. Senate want to gut Obamacare in the latest draft of tax reform legislation they released late Tuesday. The new version of the tax bill repeals the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that all Americans either purchase health insurance or pay the penalty." Jonathan Cohn breaks down what exactly that means." 
The Huffington Post

The answer is that this illegitimate government that is ruled by a compromised regime and authoritarian leader and in an environment of obstructed justice is not working for you. Democracy is up in flames. Do you feel the heat?


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Jeff Session's Mockery of Justice

The sitting Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, has an extremely poor memory as his testimony before both chambers of the US Congress demonstrates. One must wonder about his competence and capacity since he cannot remember details about significant events in which he was an active participant. Would he remember a Russian spy, diplomat, or confident if they were sitting or standing next to him shaking hands? Probably not.

Not recalling is Jeff Sessions' best defense against being found guilty of conspiring to collude with the Russians.

Sessions, who has recused himself from the Russian investigation because he is an alleged participant is a seamy politician from the disgraced state that is unrepresentative of the morals and integrity becoming the office.

A Disgrace to the Nation.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Congress, Oh Save US

We have but only one Congress to save our nation from an unfit and tyrannical President. As divided as the Republicans are, can they not get their act together to rally patriotic allegiance to our Constitutional government to open their eyes to the necessity to impeach Donald Trump?

It may be that capitalism has so corrupted them that profit and self-gain have eroded commitment to their oaths of office.

Republicans and Democrats can get on the same page to agree that Trump must go. That means, wiping the administration slate clean of corrupted appointments. It is a do-over situation.

"Trump Russia: US 'in peril over president's stance'
12 November 2017

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump met recently at a summit 
Two former US intelligence chiefs say Donald Trump's stance on Russian meddling in last year's presidential election is putting the US at risk. 
The US president sparked uproar by suggesting he believed Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin when he said there had been no interference. 
The two leaders briefly discussed the allegations at an Asia-Pacific summit. 
US intelligence has long concluded Russia tried to sway the vote in Mr Trump's favour."

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Trump puts America in peril

President Trump appears to be intimidated by Putin and the Russians. Turning his back on the National Security apparatus in favor of trusting Putin is contradictory to upholding his oath of office and allegiance to our nation.

The rationale for that includes arrogance and compromise. Suspected is that deep in Trump's business files and personal history lies "dirt" to be used against him. Hope is that the Special Prosecutor will find sufficient evidence to convince the Republican leadership to put the nation first.

It is past time for removing Donald Trump via the impeachment process. He imperils the nation.

"But asked directly whether Russia was responsible for the meddling, he skirted the question again and avoided putting the matter to rest. 
"As to whether I believe it or not, I am with our agencies, especially as currently constituted with the leadership," he said. 
His grudging, caveated acceptance of a finding the US intelligence community arrived at months ago put him closer to the position of most of those in his administration. But it stopped short of answering the direct question he was posed about whether Russia was responsible."

CNN Image

The Authoritarian Ball

Trump and Putin meet.

Donald Trump has long since crossed "the red line," for the American democracy. His management approach tramples the American form of government that he conjures is a swamp. Democratic pluralism is to be revered and not demeaned.

Trump continues to undermine and ridicule the institutions that protect us from tyranny. He does that because he is the source of what is harming our way of life. He is a fraud and is intent on cheating middle class and poor citizens of equality and fairness.

His behavior speaks for itself. This President is a treasonous traitor. Let the Special Prosecutor make the case that is mounting with strong evidence that he and his team have conspired with the Russians to intervene in the American election process.

"Trump criticized for saying Putin is sincere in denial of election meddling 
President Trump’s comments, made after informal chats with the Russian president, drew strong reactions. Trump also referred to former top U.S. intelligence officials as “political hacks.” Former director of national intelligence James R. Clapper Jr. said of Trump’s remarks, “The fact that he would take Putin at his word over the intelligence community is unconscionable.” 
By Karen DeYoung, Ashley Parker, and David Nakamura
The Washington Post

The Authoritarians

Saturday, November 11, 2017

A Foolish Charade

Asking Donald Trump to confront Vladimir Putin about Russian meddling in US elections is merely foolish. It is troublesome, risky, and dangerous to have a President who is under investigation for possible conspiracy and collusion with the Russians to be conducting the pretense of a discussion about it.

The US national security agency, intelligence, and investigative agencies are trusted sources for Americans. A President who is an incessant liar is not. His word is no good here, there or anywhere.

"Trump, in Vietnam for (an) economic summit, says Russia's Putin 'said he absolutely did not meddle in our election.' 
The U.S. president told reporters that he and Russian President Vladimir Putin had more than one informal discussion Saturday after crossing paths at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in Danang, Vietnam before Trump flew to Hanoi for a bilateral meeting Sunday with Vietnamese leaders. 
"He said he absolutely didn't meddle," Trump said. "I asked him again. You can only ask so many times. ... He said he did not meddle in our election. He did not do what they are saying he did." 
The Washington Post email

(Andrew Harnik/Associated Press)

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Republican Timeout Analysis

Is it time up for Congressional Republicans or a timeout? Congress and the President are hell-bent to pass "tax reform" legislation. However, they have not been forthcoming about what it is they are trying to fix.

Are they trying to simplify the tax preparation process?

If that is the aim, their strategy appears to be to eliminate deductions and to replace them with an increase in the standard deduction. The trouble with that is centered on which deductions are eliminated and how much allotment taxpayers get in return.

The spirit of the Republican strategy and aim is worn on their sleeves. They want to reduce corporate taxes and lower the tax rate on wealthy persons under the theory of trickle-down economics. That is a non-starter for Democrats and the Middle Class because it doesn't work.

Republican rhetoric says they want to benefit the Middle Class. However, their numbers don't work. They take away from the Middle Class and poor to feather the bed of wealthy donors.

Even if they take a timeout, they can't fix their approach without a revolutionary change in ideology. That isn't going to happen as there is no time for that even if Republicans wanted, which they don't.

Now, they are like a smaller herd of mastodons running for the cliff chased by Democrats bearing speers.

"GOP PUSHES FORWARD ON TAX PLAN FOLLOWING ELECTION LOSSES "Despite a growing sense that a Democratic wave could be coming in 2018, House Republicans showed little sign of letting up on their tax proposal Wednesday, with a bill set to move out of committee on a party-line vote Thursday and onto the floor as early as next week." According to the Congressional Budget Office, the current GOP tax plan would add $1.7 trillion to the national debt. [HuffPost] 

Image: Ancient Origins

Sunday, November 5, 2017

America Gets it Right in the Rearview

This morning poll results show that President Trump's approval rating has sunk to the lowest in history. Most Americans are adjusting their assessment that matches both his performance and behavior.

Being stuck with a lousy president has enormous consequences. It increases risks and undermines democratic reform. Looking over your shoulder into the last election cycle and ask what happened?

Both major political parties defrauded American voters. The Republican and Democratic Parties failed to vet, verify, and validate their candidates. The candidates bearing their brand were dangerously flawed, both Trump and Clinton. Americans deserve better than having two poor choices.

However, citizen-voters bear part of the responsibility because they have no standards for selecting and electing Presidential and Congressional representatives.

I address the problem and offer a solution in my book, How to Select an American President.

Actions needed to correct the problem begin with your reading the book, discussing and debating it. It requires a majority of Americans in the middle class to adopt the principles and standards for reform.

Please read my blog. Share it with friends. Follow me, and I will take the fight to Congress. I am not asking you for a contribution. Just read my book.

Here is where to order: Soft or Hardcopy:

The Washington Post

Saturday, November 4, 2017

How to Select an American President: Analyst's View of Trump Case

How to Select an American President: Analyst's View of Trump Case: First, is there a case against Donald Trump? For sure, the evidence is mounting for the Special Prosecutor to open a specific investigation...

Analyst's View of Trump Case

First, is there a case against Donald Trump? For sure, the evidence is mounting for the Special Prosecutor to open a specific investigation into Donald Trump and not just the Russian incursion into the American Political System.

Before launching into the case against Trump, consider Trump's latest protest tirade made while he was on the way to Asia for a severe diplomatic tour.

Trump criticized the Department of Justice for failing to investigate Hillary Clinton. His allegations are based on a book by Donna Brazille that said that Clinton had a contract with the Democratic Party that compromised the independence and integrity of the party organization in assuring equal treatment for all candidates.

The Clinton and Democratic Party relationship should be investigated by the Federal Election Commission as the FEC may also have cause to investigate the Trump and Republican Party relationship. Trumps calling for the DOJ to investigate his political opponent is akin to an authoritarian act and is undemocratic and undermines the rule of law.

By factual evidence as the public knows it, Carter Page, George Popadopolous, Paul Manafort, and Rick Gates, all Trump campaign associates, engaged the Russians with the intent to obtain their support in undermining Hillary Clinton's campaign. Attorney General Jeff Sessions swore under oath that he did not know of that. However, there are at least three contradictions to his statement that make him vulnerable to charges of perjury and lying to Congressional investigators as well as the Special Prosecutor.

The public also knows that Donald Trump Jr and Jerrod Kushner were directly involved and met with Russian spy representatives.

The smoke around The White House doesn't get any thicker than that before a fire ignites. 

Image posted by McSpockyTM

Friday, November 3, 2017

Welcome Candidates' Resumes

On my blog page, Facebook added a place for political candidates to post their resumes. That is exceptionally good.

As new candidates for high offices appear, I will evaluate their resumes using my approach as recommended in How to Select an American President By James A. George and James A. Rodger (c) 2017 Archway Publishing.

If you have a candidate for Congress that would like me to consider, just send a message. If they have announced their candidacy, I will evaluate their resume.

Go to my Facebook page: How to Select an American President. Like and follow the page.

I encourage you to do read the book and do the same. We will compare results, with your permission.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

More Disturbing Behavior from The White House

There is never a surprise from Donald Trump as his behavior is predictable. His response to the deadly terrorist incident in New York included attacking the Judiciary and Congress. His disdain for due process and the rule of law is consistently evident.

The evidence mounts against the Presidency that gained entry to The White House apparently, by all means, including illegal.

Donald Trump does not know how to engage Congress and the Judicial branches as partners in the process. His behavior is despotic by contrast.

My book, How to Select an American President by James A. George and James A. Rodger (c) 2017 Archway Publishing advise voters to elect Presidents who have a command of Constitutional Law and who respect the rule of law. Donald Trump is unfit.

Image: CNN

Immigration Lottery

One of the few things about Donald Trump's ideas about which I agree is that immigration into the US should never be by luck and chance. At this stage of national maturity, each case deserves thoughtful consideration about the prospect of applicants becoming productive and self-sustaining citizens.

Regarding the treatment of immediate family members, there must be vetting and consideration about the aggregate becoming self-sustaining.

Much discussion is needed about this topic, and not at as a whiplash reaction to a terrorist incident.

My book, Regenerating America with Sustainable Economics by James A. George and James A. Rodger (c) 2017 Archway Publishing, addresses the topic thoroughly.

"Trump seizes on N.Y. attack to push immigration and vetting policies 
After the Las Vegas shooting, the White House said it was “premature” to discuss gun laws. But after the New York attack, President Trump said immigration laws must change. (Video: Bastien Inzaurralde/Photo: Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post) 
By David Nakamura and Ed O'Keefe November 1 at 8:11 PM 
President Trump moved Wednesday quickly to gain a ­political advantage in the wake of the New York terrorist attack, casting blame on Democrats for lax immigration laws and calling the criminal justice system’s handling of suspects “a joke.”
A day after a man, identified by authorities as an Uzbek immigrant, killed eight people on a Manhattan bike path in an act authorities said was inspired by the Islamic State, Trump seized on the deadly crime to renew his calls for a series of hard-line policies."

Getty Image

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Paul Ryan, Unqualified

The Nation depends on a 47-year-old Speaker of the House to lead the overhaul of the American tax system. The trouble is not his relatively young age. It is his skimpy resume that should have precluded his becoming a candidate for Congress, to begin with. Yet, without standards, and without political parties properly vetting them, citizen-voters are let to judge in the blind.

Resulting from a senior system that tends to advance elected officials without consideration for qualifications and achievement, the nation is stuck with a deficient government.

Judge for yourself. Look at his resume. What did he accomplish before becoming a professional politician?

Read my book, How to Select an American President to better understand how to evaluate resumes of a prospective candidate for all elected offices.

"This is Paul Ryan’s moment of truth. 
The 47-year-old Speaker of the House has been preparing for it ever since the Wisconsin Republican won his first election to Congress nearly two decades ago. 
Tax reform has been Ryan’s true passion and life’s work on Capitol Hill. The former Ways and Means Committee chairman has given countless speeches on the subject and spent the past year pitching the GOP’s tax framework to manufacturers around the country.  
And tax reform — if it passes or fails — could be the last landmark piece of legislation Ryan works on in Congress, several of his GOP colleagues said."

Image From Politico

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Bad Resumes: The Ticket to Poor Governance

James A George
Contact: jimgeorgeauthorarchway@gmailcom

November 1, 2017
Bad Resumes: The Ticket to Poor Governance

There is an undeniable crisis in governance in America today and identifying the probable causes is essential to any hope of saving democracy and redirecting the nation. Based on extensive research and analysis this breakdown most likely begins with voters and how they select candidates for public offices.
When anyone applies for a job, there are some basics:
1.     Fill out an application
2.     Submit a resume
The presumptions are that the applicants are qualified for the jobs to which they are applying and can prove it with verifiable evidence defined and described in the resume. Citizen-voters have the role of evaluators and employers which means that they must know something about the jobs that need filling and the associated requirements.
Thus begins the paradox in the American Political System. Should voter ignorance be forgiven? After all, ignorance of the law is without excuse.  How can you have “government-by-the-people” when most are unqualified to evaluate the candidates?
Here lie a role and responsibility for political parties. Political parties represent brands based on ideology and platforms. That is parties establish and maintain a system of ideas and ideals that form the basis of economic and political theory and policy.
Political parties are corporations which aim is to elect officials who will try to carry out the party's policies. A political party offers candidates for public office. As such, they should be accountable for vetting and verifying candidate resumes as certifiable members of their organizations. That implies that the nonprofit political corporations and their directors bear liability for the accuracy and quality of their candidates.
Who are the individuals who compose the party and its leadership? How did they arrive in leadership positions? Who are there to represent you and how well do you know them?
According to Quora, “The national political parties are nonprofit corporations, exempt from taxes under the IRS code as 527 organizations.  527s can also be independent political action committees, but the Republican National Committee and the Democratic National Committee have been sheltered under those rules for a long time.”
Therefore, political parties have two important functions:
1.     Produce party platforms
2.     Provide qualified candidates to represent their brands
It is important to address these questions:
·       Have you read your party’s platform?
·       Do you know how closely your representatives are aligned with them as expressed in their individual manifestos?
·       Are you aware of what you have signed onto as a member of your party?
Before digressing too far, I wrote a book titled How to Select an American President. To my knowledge, it is the only book that actually defines the job of President. From that, I derived the skill, knowledge, and experience requirements as well as behavioral characteristics associated with superior candidates.
You may have different views, additions, modifications or deletions. However, I offer a place to begin. In addition, the book describes in detail how to evaluate a Presidential Candidate’s resume. The process applies to evaluating all elected officials. Check it out and tell me if you have a better way.
How to Select an American President by James A. George and James A. Rodger © 2017 Archway Publishing.
Or order from Amazon:
Author James A. George is a former PriceWaterhouseCoopers and ManTech International Consultant to the Federal Government and an independent journalist.

Six Primary Tasks of the U. S. President’s Job Model

Throughout the range of tasks, the President analyzes, evaluates, approves and directs the allocation of the government’s resources to perform work and produce required outcomes. Only Congress can fund the work of government. Achieving the highest return on cost is a president’s responsibility. The following tasks are a straw man, a place to begin as voters think through the process independently.
What is one of the first things a president must have to do to get started with a new administration? The president needs a staff, an organization, a plan and a schedule. So let’s get started.
Task 1: Planning, staffing, organizing, and scheduling Presidential work and government functions
Subtask 1.1: Recruit and staff the cabinet and department and agency appointments
Subtask 1.2: Conduct cabinet meetings to develop and implement strategies and policies for accomplishing the nation’s workload and issues
Subtask 1.3: Define the nation’s outcomes and priorities for each major department and agency to produce the nation’s strategic plan

Task 2: Develop the President’s management agenda and budget and reconcile with Congress
Subtask 2.1: Assume responsibility for the legacy agenda and make adjustments to align with the President’s management agenda or equivalent
Subtask 2.2: Work with cabinet heads to develop performance plans and schedules
Subtask 2.3: Work with Congressional leadership and collaborate to implement the nation’s strategy, plans, and programs

Task 3: Initiate and approve legislation
Subtask 3.1: Propose bills to Congress
Subtask 3.2: Consult and advise Congress
Subtask 3.3: Collaborate with industry and business leaders in the development of policies and regulations of all kinds
Subtask 3.4: Approve or veto legislation
Subtask 3.5: Request a declaration of war from Congress

Task 4: Implement plans and manage on-going operations
Subtask 4.1: Review and evaluate programs that include new acquisitions and on-going operations
Subtask 4.2: Evaluate programs including legacy processes and engineer new ones for accomplishing and producing required and promised outcomes
Subtask 4.3: Continuously improve

Task 5: Report progress and discuss issues with the American public to keep them informed

Task 6: Meet with heads of state and participate in international meetings and conferences for heads of state
Subtask 6.1: Participate in international economic conferences
Subtask 6.2: Respond to international crises and requests for assistance
Subtask 6.3: Promote democratic process and reforms

Continuous improvement in a democratic form of government comes from the following:
1.         Changing, amending, and retiring and replacing present laws
2.         Presidential directives and memos communicating policies and policy guidance
3.         Administration of directives and memos as they too require changing, amending, retiring, and replacing
4.         Strategic planning
5.         Budgeting and funding requests

All of these things are a product of the president’s management approach and government processes and routines governing them.

EDITORS: For review copies or interview requests, contact:
Marketing Services
Tel: 888-242-5904
Fax: 812-961-3133
(When requesting a review copy, please provide a street address.)
New book discusses ‘How to Select an American President’
James A. George hopes to help redirect American democracy
CINCINNATI – James A. George’s new book, “How to Select an American President: Improving the Process by Promoting Higher Standards” (published by Archway Publishing), states George’s claims that running for president should be more like applying for other jobs, and suggests an evaluation process.
George asserts that the American presidential race is a popularity contest. It is being eroded by special interests, he explains, and it needs to change. The author suggests that potential candidates should be assessed by credentials relating to knowledge, skill, experience and proficiency and should be compared against the performance and resumes of past presidents. The book also contains the author’s declaration that consideration should be given to whether or not the candidates can produce evidence to support their claims.
George says, “American democracy is at stake resulting from the deficiencies in the American political system that begins with qualified candidates for elected office.”
“How to Select an American President”
By James A. George
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 480 pages | ISBN 9781480840881
E-Book | 480 pages | ISBN 9781480840898
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble
About the Author
James A. George studied at The Ohio State University and Franklin University, earning a degree in business administration with focus on industrial technology and operations research. He developed and instructed courses at University of California, Berkeley Worldwide. He served in the director and executive levels of management for Sherwin Williams, Bendix Automation and Hitchcock Publishing Division of The American Broadcasting Companies.
He was the founder and CEO of the Talon Publishing before selling to D. Appleton Company, where he was vice president. Subsequently, he was a consultant for Mantech International and PriceWaterhouseCoopers. George has also published, in connection with James A. Rodger, “Smart Data: Enterprise Performance Optimization Strategy.”
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James A. George, Author and Journalist