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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Stressful Nation

After witnessing Attorney General Sessions stonewall congressional investigators today and considering it with the pattern of previous testimony, it is clear that Trump, his cabinet, and campaign partners are colluding to obstruct the investigation. Trump led the way by failing to make his tax filings available to make an accurate determination about possible Emolument Clause violations.

Right before all of our eyes, Trump continues to manage a business and to benefit from foreign customers. That is a conflict of interest.

His appointing members of his family to staff positions is nepotism. He has violated ethics rules. He lies and with the Michael Flynn case, committed Misprision of Fraud.

After today's Sessions' performance, it is refreshing to see that most news organizations and experts are unforgiving and are prepared to be relentless in pursuing the truth.

The Special Prosecutor, FBI, and NSA had better get with it because America is under threat from external enemies and those in The White House. We are under siege.


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  1. "You're impeding this investigation... I think your silence... speaks volumes," Sen. Martin Heinrich criticizes Attorney General Jeff Sessions for not answering questions during the Senate hearing