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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Absurdity Trumps Governance

Welcome, to the hurt locker. How are citizens expected to feel safe and secure in these crazy times when their democracy is under assault by the man in The White House and by Congressional Leaders? There are two threads to the dysfunctional government and personal catastrophe.

The craziness begins with the President and his lawyer saying two different stories and one or both are lying. This matters because the President and members of his campaign team and of his executive branch are under investigation for conflicts of interest and lying, among other things.

Second, Republicans in Congress are participating in obstruction of justice while they are intent on crafting social legislation that harms tens of millions of Americans in need of affordable healthcare. This Congress is attacking the safety net and livelihood on which retired Americans depend.

Our nation is undermined by the sitting government and that is not a joke or exaggeration.

"A frantic scramble before possible healthcare vote next week
By Alexander Bolton 
A frantic scramble to influence the Senate’s healthcare legislation intensified on Monday, with House conservatives pressuring their allies in the Senate and Democrats mounting a furious public relations blitz to kill the bill." 
The Hill
Why should the process of engineering legislation be characterized as a frantic scramble? Why is it being accomplished in a back room with Republicans and in the absence of bipartisanship? These things are unAmerican.

All show, no go.


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