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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Analysis of Reasons for Polarization

Americans typically respond proactively in times of catastrophes. When it comes to gun violence, most Americans want tighter gun controls. The National Rifle Association (NRA) gun lobby opposes them with vigorous campaign contributions. Congressional politicians are bought off, and even when children are slaughtered in schools, nothing is done because they are conflicted.

A principal cause of polarization in American politics is that lobbyist money flows to politicians that undermine their representing citizens equally.

We cannot get past the necessity to end Citizens United, the decision that corrupted American's representation.

Next, Americans have a standard for what is right and wrong that is the US Constitution that guarantees equality for all under the law. If you read the Republican Party Platform from the last election, they devote considerable time to defending the Constitution as a strategy to make all of their policies appear to be patriotic. They are not.

They exploit the theme of individualism by making the government appear to be the enemy. It is not. The government is the instrument of common people to ensure their liberties.

When citizens make poor choices about representation, then having their needs met by the government will be undermined.

There is an enormous battle in America between the economically privileged class and the middle class and poor. The polarization is about the extent to which citizens are wed to capitalism as an economic model.

In my new book, I argue that capitalism is unsustainable, as is. It might be made sustainable by adopting a renewable energy paradigm to replace fossil fuels immediately.

Having a sustainable economic model is essential to guide the purpose of our government. The polarization that is experienced today is from the disagreement and misalignment about what we expect from a sustainable economy. To become less polarized, we must share and discuss our ideas about what we expect from the nation's economy.

Without economic security, nothing else is possible. Do you agree?

End the polarization.

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