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Monday, June 12, 2017

On the President's Mind

Tonight's breaking Trump scandal is what is on his mind. According to his friend, Newsmax CEO, Chris Ruddy, the President and his legal counsel are contemplating firing Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller. On the one hand, this analyst might think, "go ahead, make our day."

By that, I mean that act would likely divide and quarter the Republicans to such an extent that impeachment may advance. As likely would be that Congress would enact the calling of a special counsel to take the investigation that would be immune from the Executive branch interference.

Maybe this leak by Ruddy from the Trump House is just another act of dangling the ax over the head of the investigation. It is more evidence of obstruction of justice by President Trump.

As of this evening, Trump's thought is now more evidence. His thoughts and his mouth are what led to the courts banning his immigrant ban.

It is deadly serious that Donald Trump is attempting to destroy our government.

Tomorrow, we will see and hear the weakest link, Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. You can bet that he will have many questions that he will not answer, giving executive privilege as the reason.

You can also bet that Jeff Sessions will become unnerved and will make a stupid mistake.

This President is not of sound mind.

It will be their show again tomorrow. 


  1. Sessions steps into Russia crossfire
    Attorney General Jeff Sessions will face a grilling Tuesday on Capitol Hill over contacts with Russian officials and his role in President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey.

    The stakes are high for Sessions, a Trump Cabinet member who has been in hot water with the president.

  2. GOP TO TRUMP: LEAVE MUELLER ALONE - Republicans are warning Trump not to fire special counsel Robert Mueller, even as allies of the president continue to float the idea. "It would be a disaster," said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) "There's no reason to fire Mueller. What's he done to be fired?" Even some of Trump's closest allies in Congress are warning against nixing the Mueller probe, Austin and Kyle report. "I think Bob Mueller's as good as you're going to find. I don't see any reason to remove him now," said Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.). More: