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Monday, June 12, 2017

Other Avenues to Nail Trump

Stop, thief, that man stole the presidency! While federal investigations in Congress meander and lope along, and the Special Prosecutor ramps up on a deliberate path, one may wonder if there are more speedy avenues to justice? 

Yes, remember that every state in which Trump conducts business is entitled to his filing tax returns. If he received or earned money in various states and entities, he may have tax obligations. Therein,  he may violate the Emolument Clause with conflicts of interest if with payments by foreign entities.

The Trump tale will become a more tangled journey.

"D.C., Maryland to sue Trump over foreign payments to his businesses 
The lawsuit by the jurisdictions’ two Democratic attorneys general, the first of its kind brought by a government entity, alleges the president has breached his constitutional oath and could open a new front for Trump as he navigates dueling investigations by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III and congressional committees into possible collusion between his associates and the Russian government during the 2016 presidential election.
By Aaron C. Davis" 
The Washington Post email

The Washington Post image

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