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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Sessions Stonewalled

Jeff Sessions testimony continues. Senator McCain is trying to stay awake.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is not stupid. He is sly and well prepared. He invoked justice department practices in protecting his conversations with the President, when there may be questionable legal foundations, such as Executive Privilege, for not answering questions. Asked by Senator Manchin a series of questions about meeting with other campaign members and Russians, his answer was that he doesn't recall.

Session's best defense is "it is beyond my ability to understand," referring to the Russian spying caper as presented by Senator Cotton. That is unquestionably believable.

Sessions stonewalled the Committee's important questions. Call it a day.

"I am protecting the President's Executive Privilege, even though he has not yet declared it."

I tried to be honest, but I just can't

1 comment:

  1. The big problem here is that Session sometimes appears to be knowledgeable, yet on all of the important questions he doesn't recall or won't answer. He is clearly conflicted. He is choosing protecting the President over We the People.