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Monday, June 19, 2017

The UnAmerican Trump House

The Trumped up government is at it again. The White House is so uncertain and uneasy that Donald Trump wants to have off-air press briefings. While Trump enjoys tweeting with abandon, he won't let his press representatives lips move in public.

This internal censorship is further evidence that Trump is off his rocker. He is his worst enemy while he presides as President over all of us, except the Special Prosecutor who is intent on getting to the bottom of his dodgy behavior.

"White House reporters fume over off-camera briefings 
The White House press corps vented frustration Monday with press secretary Sean Spicer for conducting off-camera briefings in place of the usual publicly broadcast briefings. 
Spicer conducted an off-camera briefing with reporters on Monday in which the press was told it could not film or broadcast audio of the proceedings. Spicer conducted the last on-camera briefing last Monday. 
“The White House press secretary is getting to a point where he’s just kind of useless,” CNN White House reporter Jim Acosta said after the briefing. “If they’re getting to this point where he’s not going to answer questions or go on camera or have audio, why are we even having these briefings or gaggles in the first place?” 
The Hill

Image from SLG Publishing

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