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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Today's Testimony and Tweets

We know what Former FBI Director James Comey intends to address. He met with Donald Trump and spoke with him several times and was so uncomfortable that he made notes. He shared the notes for the record with his close staff. He did not broadcast their contents because he did not want to disrupt or contaminate ongoing investigation into the Russian interference case that snagged members of the Trump campaign.

Caught in the net was Attorney General Jeff Sessions, along with Michael Flynn and others. Sessions admitted personal actions that required him to recuse from the investigation. Trump was angry that Sessions made that choice. The relevance is that was Comey's chain of command.

In fact, Trump was most aware of that when he asked Sessions and others to leave the room so that he could speak privately and inappropriately with Comey. Comey documented that. He was making book on the meetings and conversations with the President.

Was Trump under investigation by the FBI? Comey told him no. Members of the Trump campaign had been snagged in conversations with the Russians. After that, they became worthy of more investigations. Would that lead to Trump?

At the time Comey met with Trump, it was accurate to say, not yet, or maybe, Еще нет.

Now the target of investigation 

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  1. With Comey’s permission, the Senate Intelligence Committee on Wednesday released his planned opening statement, which confirmed several of those reports, including that Trump asked him to end his investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn and to pledge his “honest loyalty.” It also describes, in great detail, several meetings and phone calls with Trump that Comey said made him feel “uneasy.” According to Comey, Trump demanded him multiple times to publicly say that he was not investigating Trump personally.

    The Huffington Post