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Friday, June 23, 2017

Trump did something right today

No, he didn't invent the law. It was ready for action before he arrived. Congress got around to passing the legislation and presenting it for his signature.

It is the new law that empowers department executives (in the Veterans Administration) with more freedom to assess employee performance and to fire them with cause. It makes it easier than the civil service procedures. The story from the Washington Post has an edge to it.

With the greater freedom to fire, there is also improved protections for Whistleblowers.

One might wonder, if this is such a good idea, why doesn't it apply to all departments. It just might if it works at the VA.

What President Trump did well today was to praise veterans and to promote significant improvements from a department that has been inexplicably abusive to its clients.

What President Trump might want to think about, along with his Congressional colleagues, is that this same compassion is deserving of every American in need of government services, including affordable healthcare.

Today, was good practice for a President who needs to perform much better.

"Veterans have been on the vanguard protecting the nation — waging war and securing the peace. 
Now those who assist them are on the forefront, serving as guinea pigs testing major changes in civil-service procedures that protect federal employees and taxpayers. 
Coupled with earlier revisions in the Defense Department layoff process, the new legislation portends significant and across-the-board civil service changes for the federal workforce. 
The latest transformations are in the Department of Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act, which President Trump will sign soon, perhaps this week."

Good job.

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