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Monday, June 5, 2017

Who you gonna call, Trumpbusters?

Trump is in deep covfefe.

A person who talks incessantly in the absence of clear thinking and spewing from a cavity filled with greed, bigotry, hate, and fear is bound become full of it eventually. Upchucks and outflows "covfefe."

Donald Trump, America's biggest mistake, blames the "Deep State" for his woes. The "Deep State" is most unfond of covfefe. They will clean it up, find the source and eliminate it.

The White House is up to its neck in covfefe, and like Ghostbusters, the Deep State will purge the demonically possessed place, once and for all.

"The Hill Tipsheet

THE MEMO: Is Trump a victim of the 'Deep State?'
By Niall Stanage 
Is President Trump being undermined by a “Deep State” eager to leak damaging information about him?"



  1. "I HEAR THE TRAIN A COMIN'... With Republicans in total control of Washington since January and little to show for it, concerns are mounting that Congress is heading for disaster come September, with a debt default and government shutdown both looming possibilities. Democratic leaders are already signaling they won't back down from a debt limit fight. And while GOP leaders insist their big plans (repealing Obamacare, overhauling the tax code) are still on track, the chamber has done little lately other than process delayed nominations, Burgess and Seung Min report."

  2. “Terrorism only works if people are terrified,” said Clint Watts, a former FBI special agent. “And it seems like Trump’s comments, above all, seek to terrify.”