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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Details matter, not just style and nuance

Donald Trump laid down the gauntlet on immigration with outrageous ideas and insulting policies. He attracted followers based on those policy ideas such as claims that Mexicans are criminals and that he intended to wall them out.

He alienated Latinos and African Americans too over the course of his campaign, and now he wants to change their minds. He is a witness who has lied before the court of public opinion. He can't change what he has said without being a liar.

He may have conned some people, but the majority of Americans are too smart and too compassionate for Donald Trump.

"5 things to watch for in Trump's immigration speech
By Ben Kamisar - 08/31/16 06:00 AM EDT 
Donald Trump heads to Arizona Wednesday for a pivotal immigration speech that could put to rest weeks of uncertainty.  
The GOP nominee has publicly wrestled with his signature issue for more than a week, prompting intense media and political speculation as well as concern from some of his most ardent supporters.  
What’s his tone? 
Like other major Trump speeches, the style and rhetoric could be as important as the content."

You can change your tone, but you can't change the tune that you have already scribed.

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