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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Pledge of Allegiance Test and Immigration

Donald Trump is back in the news today advocating an "extreme vetting" policy that Hillary Clinton calls a "cynical ploy." Trump recklessly plays with a policy idea that pits Muslims against LGBTs, for instance. Under Trump rules, immigrating Muslims would have to testify that they would accept "Western liberal values."

Of course, this immature and compound bigotry-motivated idea from Trump completely misses the problems and real needs for immigration policy.

There is a need for both political parties to address the requirement for U.S. policy that targets optimal size and demographics, including the best mix of knowledge, skills, and proficiencies to satisfy the needs of a sustainable economy.

In that one sentence, the demands for comprehension might make Trump's headache. It also might make liberals and conservatives duck for political cover too. Why?

Addressing the need to put a lid on population size to optimize return on national resources is a requirement that suits a maturing America. It is no longer a period in which there exists unlimited capacity to absorb immigrants.

The existing immigration policy favors accommodating well-educated and talented immigrants whose addition will enhance the economy and increase the possibility of creating more jobs. Limiting the number of distressed people who come to escape political and ideological repression is a practical necessity.

When citizens read that Somalian immigrant radicals from Minnesota are supporting ISIL in Syria, they want to understand how immigration policy permitted them to immigrate when they had a propensity for such radicalism. That is the type of instance that Trump exploits to increase fear.

However, behind his fear-mongering are true unresolved issues that will not get addressed until we citizens staff Congress and the President with more capable representatives who can tackle complex needs.

"US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has said that he would enact "extreme vetting" of immigrants. 
In a speech in Ohio, the candidate outlined his plans to combat Islamic extremism, including a new screening test for arrivals to the US.
Applicants will be tested to determine if they share Western liberal values like LGBT and religious tolerance. 
Democratic rival Hillary Clinton poured scorn on his plan, labeling it a "cynical ploy".
"This so-called 'policy' cannot be taken seriously," said her spokesman. 
"How can Trump put this forward with a straight face when he opposed marriage equality and selected as his running mate the man [Mike Pence] who signed an anti-LGBT law in Indiana?”

Screen capture,

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