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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Trump is at war with the media

Why should Donald Trump not be at war with the media when he seems to be at war with everyone else. After all, Obama invented Trump. What? That's right if it weren't for Obama's brute force intellect bullying an all-Republican Congress there would be no reason for Trump at all. They could have taken care of themselves. 

When Congress did nothing while Obama wanted to do something, that gave rise to the liberal media which was frustrated by having nothing to write about except Obamacare. After years of watching Republicans drag Obamacare through the courts and getting shot down and shooed away, they elected to attack with the Benghazi disaster.

Benghazi got some traction with the liberal media because there was a real story. The media had to search for the truth about what happened. When the facts came out, aside from Mrs. Clinton's bumping her head and feeling exhausted and having to hand-off momentarily to the second string, there wasn't much there. Except, there was a bungle by introducing a caustic video that may have fanned the flames in Libya. The truth was that Al Qaeda was active there. That came out rather quickly.

Along the way, there was the disclosure about Mrs. Clinton's private email server. Congressional investigators brought that to light and beat it to death. After an FBI investigation that also enveloped the State Department and National Security Agency, there was no there, there.

So, now, a deflated GOP trounced out 16 candidates that fell flat for lack of qualifications, and Trump jumped in to pump up the party. The press enjoyed his initial bombastic behavior because it was entertaining, and that is what media is all about now.

Having won his party's nomination, Trump's party doesn't truly like him anymore, and probably never did, because Trump is no politician. Trump is in this for himself, and perhaps the Russians and some other undisclosed conflicts of interest that we will never get to until Trump shows us his IRS tax filings.

"Trump goes to war against media 
By Jonathan Easley 
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is steeling himself for a protracted battle against an increasingly hostile press, adding the media to the list of establishment institutions he intends to crush on his way to the White House.
Trump’s stunning move to make Breitbart News Executive Chairman Steve Bannon as his campaign’s CEO was a decision to shake up his faltering campaign, but was also a clear response to the complaints about the coverage of his candidacy.

Under Bannon’s leadership, Breitbart has championed Trump’s rise while adopting a provocative and combative tone towards the press, the GOP’s congressional leadership and others who have criticized or questioned the nominee.Bringing Bannon into the Trump tent will almost certainly lead to a new chapter in the fight between Trump and the media, which is already engaged in a fierce debate over how to cover the GOP nominee. 
“The press has declared Armageddon on Trump and Trump is responding with Armageddon and all-out warfare,” said Armstrong Williams, a conservative media investor and radio personality who is close friends with Bannon.
Heaven forbids, Trump is at war with me!

James George, independent journalist, and author

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