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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Americans don't know how to throw out the garbage

Election 2016 is a crescendo moment in American history that comes as the tide ebbs like a pendulum. These metaphors, "crescendo" and "ebbing tide" need some caveats.

First, that the American public is home to a large population of ignorant bigots is not news, however, quantifying the numbers is made more clear by recent events. The peak that is the crescendo refers to the increased awareness about the nation's sorry state.

Second, the "ebb," refers to what one might hope will be a limit to the amount of deplorable behavior. However, that will not subside until the population becomes better educated and informed by competent leaders who possess essential integrity.

The majority of the citizenry are likely aware of the problem with their President and Congress.  The mechanisms for "throwing out the garbage" are not so clear as living with the stink in government.

Help us citizen lawyers to understand what to do about this situation.

Impeach, but how?

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