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Saturday, May 27, 2017

ASAP, Invalidate Trump

One of many headlines this morning is that Donald Trump will likely make the wrong decision on the Climate Agreement by pulling out. He wants to do that to prop up mining jobs in America that perpetuate the fossil fuel industry. What is needed instead is an investment in infrastructure and renewable energy.

Trump is abroad, making bad decisions and shoving other national leaders around like the bully he is. That is not American. He has tarnished our national reputation and citizens must reclaim it by removing Trump from office along with all of his corrupt cronies.

"Can the Paris Climate Deal Survive a Trump-Style Renegotiation?
By BRAD PLUMERMAY 26, 2017."

A coal-fired power plant in Ghent, Ky. CreditLuke Sharrett for The New York Times


  1. There are intelligent ways to move the economy forward and Donald Trump is choosing convenience and pandering to the petroleum industry over the future of the nation.

  2. Due process by the rule of law is copious and takes time to get it right. The danger of having an illegitimate and compromised President and Congressional Leadership is an unprecedented national emergency. As an independent journalist, I am aware that I am on the bleeding edge of the unfolding events. Spearheading is what I learned in infantry school. Follow me.