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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Caution: Trump investigation will take awhile

With Robert Mueller taking charge of the Russian and Trump campaign interference investigation, the first thing that will happen is his putting the brakes on. Mueller won't want Comey rattling around Congressional investigators stirring things up before he gets a grasp of the situation.

That will be frustrating and disturbing to some because they feel that enough time has been squandered already, leaving allegations and potential prosecution dead in the water.

What is the status of the Emolument Clause violation investigation?

What is the status of the Misprision of Fraud violation regarding Michael Flynn and the President's coverup and lying to the Vice President?

What is the status of Trump's lying about voter fraud and his false accusation against former President Obama?

These things are discrete observations with supporting evidence, so what is the Department of Justice Doing? What has the FBI discovered that is prosecutable now? What has the Treasury and IRS found?

Must everything be put into the same investigatory basket? If so, it could take years while Donald Trump governs merrily along.

At this point, it may feel comforting that Special Prosecutor Rober Mueller is in charge and operating independently.  The necessity casts a pall on Congress, however.

The Attorney General is neutered too.

Robert Mueller, a nightmare for Trump

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  1. There is a backlog of evidence.

    Trump knew Flynn was under investigation weeks before inauguration: report
    President Trump's transition team was told weeks ahead of his inauguration that former national security adviser Michael Flynn was under investigation for working as a lobbyist for Turkey during Trump's campaign, The New York Times reported late Wednesday.

    The Hill