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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Difference Between Drama and Crisis

Former President Barack Obama was known for the phrase "No drama, Obama." That implied his aversion for public spectacles that distracted from the work at hand. He truly had plenty. They often precipitated from his Republican opposition throwing roadblocks before his legislative agenda.

Now, President Donald Trump is 180 degrees opposite. His style is a showman who thrives on chaos and controversy. The trouble from Trump is multi-fold: 1) the people's business is not the priority, 2) his behavior imposes risks to the nation, 3) his actions are fraught with illegality.

Obama was most able, while Trump is most unfit for the job.

"GOP nears total exasperation with Trump 
Exasperated Republicans in the House and Senate are growing tired of having to defend President Trump. 
Daily dramas from the White House are increasingly frustrating Republicans on Capitol Hill and threatening to derail the party’s agenda heading into the midterm elections. 
“Can we have a crisis-free day?” Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) asked reporters on Monday, according to CNN. “That’s all I’m asking.” 
GOP lawmakers kept the president at arm’s length as they reacted to the White House controversy that Trump revealed highly classified information during an Oval Office meeting last week with two Russian officials." 
The Hill

No Drama vs Crisis

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