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Sunday, May 7, 2017

How to insure Americans with healthcare

To begin, the US Congress and President must unanimously agree that all Americans deserve affordable healthcare of the same high quality and administered equally.

Therefore, the question to each member of Congress and the President, do you agree or disagree with that commitment?

Concurrently, do you as a citizen agree that all Americans deserve affordable healthcare?

You answered.

"Poll: Majority of Americans want to keep Obamacare
Jessica Estepa, USA TODAY Published 1:22 p.m. ET March 7, 2017  
House Republicans have unveiled their replacement plan for the Affordable Care Act. The plan differs from Obamacare in various ways.  
A majority of Americans want to keep the Affordable Care Act in some manner, according to a poll conducted right before GOP lawmakers unveiled their proposal for replacing the law."

The Republicans ignored voters, as did the President. They intend to shove 24 million people over the cliff.


  • Employers provide healthcare insurance.
  • Retired persons have Medicare.
  • Indigent persons have Medicaid.
  • Individuals have supplemental insurance to cover expenses not otherwise covered.

The private sector provides healthcare with some exceptions that include veterans and recipients of public health services.

Insurance corporations administer and manage healthcare transactions and are a payment mechanism. They perform that service for a profit.

The question is should the administration be free-market managed or centralized as a government service?

Pharmaceuticals are a part of the equation. How should drug research and manufacturing be handled?

When the end game is to cover all citizens, it comes down to the total cost divided by the universe of recipients adjusted by their means to pay.

Some people cannot afford to pay anything, and others, based on income and family size, will pay more.

Success is when all citizens are covered equally. Failure is anything less than 100% evenly covered.

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