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Monday, May 1, 2017

Time spent by Congress on repeal and replace

If you are one of America's ignorant and misinformed voters who voted for this Congress and President, you have some choices about what to think at this point about  Obamacare repeal and replace performance.

All during the Obama presidency, Republicans complained about the Affordable Care Act and the initiative to cover all citizens with affordable health insurance.

First, some of you Republicans don't want to provide insurance to all citizens. Man-up and say it out loud.

Second, you moderate Republicans who objected to the trend to socialize healthcare that is apparent in the intent of Obamacare, you have had plenty of time to produce regulated market alternatives. You failed to consider fixing Obamacare and promised new legislation that you have not written.

What are the reasons aside from being socially irresponsible? I submit that it is incompetence.  It is my assessment as I have written in articles and my book, that most congressional representatives lack the skill, knowledge, and experience as well as professional proficiency to perform.

Meanwhile, a rogue President and irresponsible Congress are ruining the American Political System and democratic republic. What are citizens to do?

Compound Incompetence

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