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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Trump squandered opportunity

He can't erase his history. While the President is off on an international diplomacy tour, his administration has launched an assault back home with his budget. The attack is aimed at programs that affect the middle class and poor. His strategy is to support the "trickle down economic theory" that has proved to be a failure in the past.

Citizens are not blind to what he is doing. They see and hear his behavior that begins with his assault on the rule of law. His Executive Orders on immigration are struck down. His Obamacare repeal failed. He persists in attacking the environment.

His plan to overhaul the tax system hasn't a prayer in the political climate that he has created.

"President Trump’s job approval rating has hit a new low in the latest Harvard-Harris Poll survey, with weeks of controversy taking their toll on Trump’s embattled administration. 
Trump’s job approval rating has fallen to 45 percent from 49 percent in March.
The approval rating is at the high end compared with other surveys, which typically survey all residents, not just voters. 
In the RealClearPolitics average of polls, Trump has a 39.6 percent approval rating and 54.7 disapproval rating. 
The drop is largely due to dissatisfaction among independents. Trump’s job approval rating with that group is down from 47 percent in March to 40 percent in May."

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