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Friday, May 19, 2017

Trump swaggers off to Arabia

The Washington Post is prepared for a field day. In the "daily newsletter" from "the Post," Ishaan Tharoor explores the possible scenario for a visit.

The image accompanying the article say it all, "Donald of Arabia."

The meeting with the Royal Oil Kings and Princes is the stuff that he is made of. There will be big deals, the biggest deals ever. Weapon sales will top the list because that is very good for the American economy.

Trump is all for oil, except, he wants more domestic production that doesn't bode well for the Arabs. Never mind that. Trump probably has large-scale commercial development ideas tucked away for his family to follow up.

Who knows?

Hopefully, no one will bring up "Muslims." Muslims, he loves Muslims. He's the most loving of Muslims so long as they are not too radical.

"Today's WorldView

From the beginning, it was a conspicuous choice. The first stop on the maiden overseas voyage of the Trump presidency would not be continental cousin Canada or anglophone chum Britain — or even erstwhile wall-funder Mexico — but Saudi Arabia. Yes, Saudi Arabia, the abode of the holiest sites of a religion President Trump once said “hates us,” a country he once suggested would not exist without “the cloak of American protection.”
Nevertheless, Trump heads to Saudi Arabia on Friday — with a cloud of intrigue and scandal tailing him all the way. According to a story in the New York Times, he is not happy about embarking on this trip and even told an aide that he wished to cut its nine-day itinerary in half. He is set for meetings with leaders in Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Vatican, Italy and Belgium, all of which could become gaffe-fests for the loose-lipped and inexperienced president. 
The Washington Post
Today's WorldView 

Hold your breath.

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