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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Trump's penchant for Twitter

Twitter is talking about it, the President's effect on their brand of social media. Citizens are asking if it is appropriate for a President to be Tweeting at-will? 

From a journalist's perspective, Presidents and elected officials are surely free to use available means of communications to reach and engage the public. However, elected officials are public service agents, and their messaging should be managed and regulated in that context.

When they are wearing their politician hat, that is one channel. When they are speaking from their elected position as the voice for citizens, that is another channel.

In both instances, an elected official is subject to standards of decorum that reflect the values of the citizen-voter community. Channels such as Twitter have standards for their member-users.

Consideration should be given by legislators to rules and regulations governing the behavior of elected officials in their use of social media channels. Ethics are involved in addressing this subject too.

"Inside Twitter, angst over the Trump effect 
Twitter insiders are at odds over whether to celebrate President Trump’s headline-grabbing use of their platform. 
Some Twitter executives have praised Trump’s prolific Twitter habit, saying it brings welcome transparency to government. Others lament the way Trump has used the social media platform in his rise to power."

© Hill Photo Illustration/Garrett Evans

What are the rules for elected officials and social media?

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