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Saturday, May 13, 2017

'When will this end?'

That's a good question. Answering it begins with understanding the process, referring to reining in Donald Trump, the unduly elected President.

A closely related question is how democracy can be restored to America by a Republican majority that is more content with staying in power than preserving our freedom and equality?

The majority of American citizens are confronted with a non-responsive government, an illegitimate and illegal President backed by an equally corrupted Congress.
  1. Resisting and protesting is one legal means.
  2. Due process and taking them to court is the other.
  3. Revolution is the last resort.
The leadership of the Democratic Party, united with allied organizations needs to step up the process of taking Trump and colluders to court. Don't wait for the most complex cases. Take to court for lying as a federal government official. Start with Misprision of Fraud.

The end game is to try him for Emolument Clause conflicts of interest on the path to proving his alleged collusion with Russia, and then Treason.

Smart Constitutional scholars can help navigate over Congressional obstructors of justice.

Roadblocks to American Democracy

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