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Sunday, May 28, 2017

With whom is Trump at war?

This morning, one story from MSN News reads that Trump needs to make some changes amid his White House in crisis.
“The bottom line is they need fresh legs; they need more legs,” said Barry Bennett, who served as a political adviser to Trump during the general election. “They’re in a full-scale war, and they’re thinly staffed.”
Too little and too late. Donald Trump should never have been seated as President for many reasons:

  • Emolument Clause violations that have a conflict of interest
  • Colluding with the enemy in interfering in free elections
  • Lying 
  • Misogyny and Sexual Assault

After having been seated, we know enough circumstantial evidence to drown him in court.

Trump believes that he is at war and the question is with whom? It is with the American public and the free press.

Can't blowhard your way out of this one.

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