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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Dumb it down for dummies?

If there is concern that Hillary Clinton and Democrats might be "rhetorically outmaneuvered." as suggested by Johnathan Swan at The Hill this morning, last night's speakers and content should lay that to rest. Democrats appear to have awakened and are emerging with sharp reprisals for Trump's blistering, albeit crude attacks.

Addressing the causes of terrorism, and countering threats with layers of protection is a complex task. Americans are not ignorant about the challenge. However, many needs continued enlightenment about the necessity to deal with threats while upholding the values of our democratic republic.

Many Democratic leaders are highly educated intellectuals, yet they have proven the ability to simplify messages so that they relate directly to the general public. In part, they can do that because they are the product of average Americans where they have their roots.

They connect to communities of Americans where they have been a part and of which they are a product.

Donald Trump isn't trying to educate his audience. He is rhetorically stringing them along. His many words, however, simple they may be, are catching up with him like the proverbial rope. Get the tar and feathers ready.

"Dems fear Trump arguments on terrorism 
By Jonathan Swan - 07/28/16 06:00 AM EDT 
PHILADELPHIA — Prominent Democrats are worried their party will be painted as soft in the fight against terror. 
Terrorism had hardly been discussed publicly at the Democratic convention – until Wednesday night’s series of national security speeches – but in private settings, fears about Donald Trump's use of the issue circulated among the party’s elite.
Noting polls that show Trump has a significant edge with voters on issues of national security and terrorism, Democrats worry he could defeat Hillary Clinton with the argument that she and her party have been too passive in the fight against ISIS."

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