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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Freedom of the press is not an option Mr. Trump

Donald Trump and his gang have impeded a member of the free press from covering a campaign event because Jose DelReal is working for the Washington Post, a publication that Trump wants to be barred.

"Jose DelReal is one of a small team of people who cover Donald Trump's presidential campaign for The Washington Post. On Wednesday, he was in Milwaukee to cover an appearance by Trump running mate Mike Pence. DelReal was barred from covering the event as a reporter, in keeping with Trump's six-week-old ban on The Washington Post. DelReal then tried to enter the event as a citizen. He was told he could not enter with a cell phone despite the fact that other people were not held to that same standard. He put his phone and computer in the car and again tried to enter. He was refused — again — and patted down. “I don’t want you here. You have to go,” the security official told him.
That should scare the hell out of you."

Trump has no right to bar any member of the press from covering his activities. That is an assured freedom in the United States of America. Donald Trump doesn't get it.

Some people believe that he has never read the U.S. Constitution either. That cannot be confirmed, yet what is apparent is that Trump thinks that he is above the law and morals that are indigenous in America.

It is long past time to dig deeper into Donald Trump and his "private" enterprise because his going public means higher scrutiny and transparency.

By declaring that the Washington Post is somehow banned from covering him is an indictable offense that Trump is unAmerican.

Is Trump treasonous too? Let's continue that investigation.

"Did Donald Trump Commit Treason?by PETE WILLIAMS"

Trump is walking a fine line

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