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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Fading hope

A report by CNN today summarizes the opinions of various pundits scoring the Obama presidency. I first evaluated President Obama in 2008 while writing Smart Data, Enterprise Performance Optimization Strategy (c) 2101 Wiley Publishing. In the book, I sought to provide advice about how he needed to improve his management approach. 

My critique began by applying an effective management technique that has been widely accepted by the US Department of Defense. The approach starts with identifying essential outcomes for which appropriate performance metrics are applied.

The first layer of errors happened when the President and his Administration failed to prioritize outcomes accurately and to precisely define performance metrics.

The second layer of errors is from his failing to calibrate precise expectations with citizens and with Congress.

The third layer of errors is from his failing to appoint highly-qualified people to Department-level positions from a cadre of experienced candidates. His appointments were from his green team of supporters and lacked experience and wisdom, as well as professional knowledge in many, but not all cases. He maintained relationships with former Bush cabinet members, and that was a plus. In the instance of his HHS appointment, that was a bust.

Since the former President Obama has zero CEO experience either in the public or private sector, he was engaging in on-the-job training that the nation can ill-afford. He managed with brute force intellect, and that was perceived as arrogance. Such characteristic was exploited by Republicans and used in bigoted and inappropriate ways to undermine the Obama presidency.

The CNN gave him an average "C" for his performance using random criteria from pundits. This independent journalist and analyst would give him a near failing grade based on deficient outcomes. His highest performance was rescuing the economy from disaster. After that, performance is mixed and lacking when it comes to the most importance outcomes. You will have to read my old and new books for more details.

"Obama's final report card: Did he live up to his promise?
Updated 1:04 AM ET, Thu January 19, 2017."

Average or below

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