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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

McCain is getting down to business

President Trump is finally in a collision with pushback from the Republican-controlled Senate and Senator John McCain, Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.
"The President can sign whatever executive orders he likes. But the law is the law," McCain said in a statement. "We are not bringing back torture in the United States of America."
Email from The Hill 
President Trump ordered the CIA to reopen "black sites" around the world where agents might rendition persons seized by the intelligence agents. Renditioning is the practice of sending a foreign criminal or terrorist suspect covertly to be interrogated in a country with less rigorous regulations for the humane treatment of prisoners.

McCain says the US government is not going to reinstate torture no matter what the President has written in his Executive Order.

McCain, a veteran, and POW during the Viet Nam War, was tortured by the North Vietnamese soldiers. Research by the defense and intel community verified that torture doesn't work.

However, we witness from President Trump, a person who believes in his opinions more than facts. The one thing that Trump is about to encounter is due process. He is about to learn about the three branches of government. While he has skated on thin ice before with the laws and regulations, he is headed into the deep end of the pond where many people whom he has personally attacked will not be so forgiving. It isn't personal; it's the law.

Trump is entering a vice

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