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Monday, January 30, 2017

Oust, by all legal means

Illegitimate President, Donald Trump, is defining America through Executive Orders that are the antithesis of who and what we are as a nation. His signature is on actions that may be proven to be illegal, and that clearly contain contents that undermine the democratic due process. One Constitutional lawyer who could make the case is former the President, Barack Obama.

It should not require invoking the former President to draft charges and to make a legal case against Donald Trump. It might be nice to see a quorum of former Presidents to stand together to ask for Trump's impeachment as that would surely give weight.

Better still, is for the leaders of the Democratic Party to carry the charge. Being polite to wait for the likes of Senator McCain and Lindsay Graham to do their duty will take too long. Asking them to join the charge is most appropriate.

As for We the People, the majority of Americans who voted against Trump, we need to press our elected representatives to stop the carnage of the US democratic republic. Halt Trump tomorrow, not the next day. Take action at once before the nation erupts into violence.

There is a conspiracy theory that Steve Bannon and the like want to create an atmosphere in which "they" can invoke marshall law. That is why they must be defeated by due process instead.

America's maniacal President

Image from The Washington Post

Note: There is no intention here to advocate violence or to overthrow the government. The only path to resistance is through due process and the law.

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