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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Sitting around, hating Donald Trump

If you think that all that I have to do is to sit around and hate Donald Trump, you have another thing coming. The hundreds of thousands of women who marched in Washington protesting a lack of equality and other abuses in America and throughout the world, should not go home with chips on the shoulders and return to everyday life.

Life with Donald Trump at the helm is not healthy for anyone. Why is that?

Resulting from a flawed system of candidate vetting and the deficient performance of both political parties and citizens, We the People made a mistake. What is the evidence and indications of the election a mistake?

Personality disorders

  • misogynist
  • narcissist
  • racist
  • authoritarian
  • chauvinist

Without a certifiable personality profile performed by psychologists in advance, citizens can only guess by observation the sort of person who is running for office. In the instance of Election 2016, adequate standards and vetting criteria were absent.

Character matters.

Failure to follow the law

  • conflicts of interest
  • paying taxes
  • bankruptcies
  • lawsuits

The US Constitution clearly states that the President cannot have conflicts of interest. Without vetting by the IRS and FBI, citizens don't know for certain whether Donald Trump does or does not have unresolved conflicts.

Paying taxes for legally specified obligations is a requirement. Citizens need to know.

Donald Trump has had at least six bankruptcies resulting in suppliers and contractors not being paid while he escaped with money. These instances need investigating. Being in charge of the nation's economy would require economic competence, and this is indicative of carelessness.

Donald Trump has many lawsuits outstanding, including a civil suit for sexual assault. The charges were made and evolving during the election process and should not have been ignored. Now, the President must confront them in court.

Following and upholding the law matters.

The popular majority of Americans did not support Donald Trump. He won the electoral vote. However, there is evidence that his winning came with propaganda support from the Russians and WikiLeaks. The FBI and Intelligence Agency have open investigations that include President Trump's former campaign manager, Paul Manafort. Manafort allegedly cooperated with the Russians.

Citizens do not know, yet, whether Donald Trump and his associates had compromising ties to the Russians.

As it stands, President Trump's position is tenuous and conditional pending vetting by authorities to answer outstanding questions. His regulatory regime is in question because if Trump is proven to have compromised, he becomes illegitimate.

Conservative newspaper, The Washington Times had this to say.
"Democrats wasting time hating Donald Trump 
“Democrats who confuse hating Donald Trump with Mom and apple pie as the all-American recipe to win elections are blowing their chances, such as they are, for the 2018 midterm elections.

If you’re a Democrat it’s never too soon to fret and stew about the prospects.
But Democrats are having so much fun despising the Donald they’re forgetting duty to party and responsibility to exploit opportunity. The party on the outs nearly always picks up a few seats in the midterms. But sore losers forget the ancient bipartisan admonition that “now is the time for every man to come to the aid of the party.” And that includes the women. 
Even if the diehard losers can get their act together soon, the job of making a dent in the Donald’s Republican prospects will be daunting. Thirty-three seats in the Senate will be up for election in 2018, and 25 of those are now held by Democrats. Additionally, two independents who caucus and usually vote with Democratic senators will be completing their six-year terms. 
Republicans, who had to defend a host of incumbents last year, survived with a slightly reduced majority intact, and will have to defend only eight seats two years hence. Other seats may become open, due to appointment to higher office (particularly among Republicans), resignations or deaths. It just doesn’t look like 2018 will be a year for Democrats to write books about. The arithmetic just isn’t there. The chances of taking over the Senate are roughly nil, zero and none. The party is likely to win a few Republican seats in the House, but not nearly enough to flip control.”

The Boston Globe

Note: There is no intention here to advocate violence or to overthrow the government. The only path to resistance is through due process and the law.

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