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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The need for universal healthcare persists

The trouble with Republicans begins when they fail to acknowledge public needs. The case in point is healthcare in America. What are the needs?

Access to affordable healthcare for all citizens based on individual means.

Competitively excellent healthcare as measured by healthy outcomes and value on a global scale among similarly developed nations.

In this instance as all others concerning the relative wealth and impoverishment of people, the aim is to ensure equal access and fair treatment for all citizens regardless of their individual wealth and status.

The underpinning place to begin this principled discussion is with poverty itself. What are the Republican and Democratic platforms regarding poverty?

Is the acceptance of poverty in the U.S. acceptable? Yes or No?

If poverty is unacceptable for anyone, then what are the demographics for those living in poverty? What can be done to ensure employability? In the instance when impoverished people have children that they cannot adequately support, what rules and services are necessary to elevate children and their parents to a functioning level that is above poverty and on a course for economic sustainability?

Healthcare and education are essential elements as are affordable safe housing, transportation, clothing, and food.

It is unacceptable for government to take away essentials or to not attend to essentials. What is the answer to that?

"Trump, GOP at crossroads on repealing ObamaCareIn a significant development, President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday called on Republicans to pass an ObamaCare replacement within “weeks” after repeal.

Trump’s comments urging his party to act quickly on a replacement come as a growing group of congressional Republicans is expressing serious concerns about moving forward quickly on repeal without having a replacement plan ready, or at the least the outlines of one."
Email from The Hill 

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