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Sunday, January 29, 2017

We are a nation of immigrants

President Donald Trump disgraced the nation with an ill-conceived Executive Order attacking immigrants. He has issued other ill-conceived orders such as the witch hunt for voter fraud in the absence of problem indications. These actions are authoritarian.

They have been unmitigated by his political party leadership in Congress. As the legal response works its way through the courts, Americans will see that laws are abused and broken by the President. Those actions are impeachable offenses. Congressional representatives who go along are equally guilty and may also be charged. This is a slippery slope.

In the instance of immigrants, our histories as Americans are rooted in being a diverse people who came from nations around the world. Diversity is our greatest asset.

The emergence of minorities as being more equally represented in the population has apparently frightened those who live in remote places where they have less opportunity and experience to interact with people who are different from themselves.

Perhaps when our elected leaders become more representative of the majority of Americans, our policies for community development will encourage greater dispersion of people throughout the country such that more remote places will not be deprived our greatest cultural assets that are We the People.

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We the People

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