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Monday, February 27, 2017

Allegations flying

This story is not fake news because it presents verifiable evidence. I saw it happening too. While Donald Trump fiddle-faddled with the Russians on one thread of conflict, he did a quick deal with the Chinese on another. He is a master at distraction, except, he didn't get away with it.

Somewhere, behind the scenes at the FBI, Treasury, and National Security Agency, analyst investigators are piling up the evidence and connecting the dots. Even with political interference, eventually, the stack will become sufficiently actionable.

The question is, who will make the first move? Must the evidence spill onto the desk of Congressional investigators or a special prosecutor? Will it come to light as a matter of public disclosure? Will it happen to result from a legal collective that is focused on bringing justice before the American people? I don't know.

"The Time Line In The Trump-China Relationship Raises Serious Constitutional Questions 
Could the national media have missed a major storyline with potentially devastating ramifications for the Trump administration while it’s focussed on Russia? Have a series of developments put President Trump in danger of violating the Constitution? According to Think Progress Editor Judd Legum, that’s exactly what transpired following the reversal of a Chinese decision that significantly benefits Trump’s financial holdings. Following the announcement that China has awarded the president a “valuable new trademark“, Legum put the pieces together in a series of tweets:"

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