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Friday, February 17, 2017

Fight Trump or Democracy is dead

Now, it is a fight to the death for Democracy in America. The Republican majority in Congress is obstructing justice and covering for an egregiously errant President from their party. The Republican Party is liable to Americans for the despicable fraud of a President. They failed to vet and permitted him to bear their brand name.

Party leaders in both Congressional chambers are derelict in their duties and have even drafted legislation that they hope will protect them from prosecution if Trump is impeached for any number of allegations and violations of the law beginning with emolument and conflict of interest.

While investigators in the FBI, National Security, and Treasury Departments try to do their jobs, they are actively being interfered with by the President, his appointees and members of Congress. That is obstruction of justice as this citizen journalist understands it.

The true majority of Americans, the Democratic members of Congress, US Supreme Court, and Republicans who want to restore justice will undertake the legal process to unseat the administration.

Peaceful protests to resist the Trump administration are helpful to keep the pressure on until the matter is processed.

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