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Friday, February 17, 2017


There are two things to be said at the end of this Friday evening:

1. The National Strike that was supposed to happen today did not.

2. PBS with Judy Woodruff had the worst news reporting ever, and the entire team needs replacing.

The National Strike was fake news, and I contributed to it, thinking that it was a real happening. I saw no evidence anywhere that it happened.

The real news is that President Trump's National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, was fired for withholding information or lying to the Vice President. However, if President Trump knew that Flynn was meeting with the Russians, it was he that did not tell the Vice President, and that is where the buck stops. That should have been in tonight's report.

Second, what is the status of the emolument case filing?

PBS reported tonight that the FBI and CIA had not found any evidence that Paul Manafort or other Trump advisors had any discussions soliciting assistance from Russians to harm the Clinton campaign. Mark Shields said that if the agencies had anything, it would have been leaked by now. Then, they glossed completely over the ongoing investigation into other Trump campaign aides who had contacts with Russians, including the President himself.

This was an incomplete reporting of the situation and undermines the credibility of the show.

We need Gwen Ifill quality reporting on PBS.

Could the one-day strike have been yesterday?
"#DayWithoutImmigrants: One-Day Strike Closes Businesses Around Country
Play #DayWithoutImmigrants: Businesses Close Across U.S. as Thousands Protest  
Just how much does the U.S. rely on immigrants? Americans are finding out.
In cities across the country, businesses closed their doors on Thursday to show support for the #DayWithoutImmigrants campaign. Spread on social media and messaging apps, the day aimed to make a point about the economic impact immigrants have on the U.S. labor force.

If there was a strike, it didn't register everywhere.

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