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Sunday, February 12, 2017

It's hard work, living in a democracy

You bet it is hard work to live in a democracy where you must support yourself, sustain a family, and help support others who need assistance while remaining engaged with your local, state, and federal elected representatives. How much time and effort should citizens commit to the following:

1. Learning the purposes of government and how government works at every level.

2. Learning about the jobs to be filled by elected officials where you are responsible for choosing and electing them.

For a democracy to work effectively, citizens must develop competence to do their part in the process. They must set aside time to engage and to be vigilant and attentive about their government.

As a nation, we need a cultural adjustment to address these responsibilities. Americans have let government by the people slip away from their grasp, I think.

My Dad, Frank George was a combat air crewman in the US Navy in WWII.

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